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DTN News: IAF Going In For Massive Upgrade Of Airfields, Helipads

Defense News: DTN News: IAF Going In For Massive Upgrade Of Airfields, Helipads
Source: DTN News - - This article compiled by Roger Smith from reliable sources including The Times of India & Wikipedia
(NSI News Source Info) NEW DELHI, India - August 13, 2010: From new Sukhoi-30MKI bases at Chabua (Assam), Halwara (Punjab) and Jodhpur (Rajasthan) to one for Tejas fighters in Sulur (Tamil Nadu), IAF is going in for a massive upgrade of its airfield and helipad infrastructure across the country.
This will not only bolster operational logistics and flexibility on both the eastern and western fronts with China and Pakistan, apart from plugging existing gaps over central and peninsular India, but also make IAF airbases more accessible to civilian aircraft.
This is in tune with IAF's aim to have 42 fighter squadrons by 2022, up from the existing 32, with progressive induction of 270 Sukhois, 126 multi-role combat aircraft, 120 indigenous Tejas Light Combat aircraft and the first lot of the fifth-generation fighter aircraft to be developed with Russia.
A major endeavour in all this is the soon-to-be-launched MAFI (modernisation of airfield infrastructure) programme, under which 30 of IAF's 51 operational airbases will be upgraded in Phase-I over 42 months. "
Commercial negotiations with the Tata Power-led consortium for MAFI Phase-I, at a cost of around Rs 1,300 crore, is in the final stages now. Bhatinda airbase will be taken up as the pilot project,'' said a source.
Under Phase-II, remaining IAF, Army, Navy and Coast Guard airfields will be modernised. The upgrade includes resurfacing, expansion and lighting of runways for night operations as well as installation of new tactical navigational (TACAN), instrument landing (Cat-2 ILS), air traffic management and air-to-ground radio communication (RCAG) systems.
The North-East is a major thrust area, with upgrade of airbases in Chabua, Dibrugarh, Jorhat, Mohanbari, Hasimara, Guwahati and Bagdogra, among others. The Tezpur airbase already houses Sukhois after it underwent an upgrade last year.
Then, after reactivating western sector ALGs (advanced landing grounds) like Daulat Beg Oldi, Fukche and Nyama in eastern Ladakh, IAF is now concentrating on upgrading eastern sector ALGs like Pasighat, Mechuka, Walong, Tuting, Ziro and Vijaynagar as well as several helipads in Arunachal.
This is meant to strategically counter China's massive build-up of military infrastructure all along the 4,057-km Line of Actual Control, which includes 14 airbases directed against India in Tibet.
The focus on the western front, of course, remains as sharp as before. The Phalodi airbase in Rajasthan, just 102 km away from the Pakistan border, for instance, began fighter operations earlier this year.
"The aim is to make all the bases capable of operating all kinds of aircraft. This will, for instance, allow our IL-78 mid-air refuellers to support fighters from virtually anywhere in the country,'' said the source.
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List of aircraft of the Indian Air Force

From Wikipedia


PhotoAircraftOriginTypeVersionsIn service[1]Notes on aircraft
Fighter aircraft[1]
Sheeju mig21.JPGMikoyan-Gurevich MiG-21Soviet UnionInterceptor/fighterMiG-21 Bison108[citation needed]All other 150+ MiG-21 aircraft are to be phased out after 2012.[2]
HuAF MIG29UB.jpgMikoyan MiG-29FulcrumSoviet UnionAir superiority fighterMiG-29S69[3]To be upgraded to MiG-29SMT.[4]
SU-30MKI-g4sp - edit 2(clipped).jpgSukhoi Su-30MKIFlanker-HRussia/ IndiaAir superiority fighterSu-30MKI124[5]272[6] aircraft have been ordered to date of which 182 will be constructed locally by HAL with a full technology transfer. 50 aircraft are to upgraded with newer avionics, onboard computers, electronic warfare systems and capability to carry the BrahMos missile.[7]
Dassault Mirage 2000 2.jpgDassault Mirage 2000FranceMulti-role fighterMirage 2000 H51[8][9]The Indian Air Force is in talks with Thales of France as well as severalIsraeli companies to outfit the Mirage 2000 with newer radars and avionics in a $1.9 billion USD deal.[8][9]
Light Combat Aircraft.jpgHAL Tejas IndiaMulti-role44[10] aircraft are in the IAF inventory though Initial Operating Clearance is expected only in December 2010. 48 aircraft of the type are on order.[11]
Total Combat aircraft
Ground attack/Bomber aircraft [1]
Mig-27.jpgMikoyan-Gurevich MiG-27Soviet UnionGround AttackMiG-27UPG122122 from the total inventory of 148 being up-graded, while the remaining 26 are being phased out.
IAF Jaguar.jpgJaguar IS/IMFrance
United Kingdom
BomberJaguar IS/IM102
Total Ground attack/Bomber aircraft
Trainer aircraft
HAL Deepak.jpgHAL HPT-32 Deepak IndiaBasic Trainer (BJT)70ALL grounded since Oct 09; and to be retired soon officially.
HAL Kiran Aero India-2007.jpgHAL HJT-16 Kiran IndiaIntermediate Trainer (IJT)HJT-1680
IAFBaeHawk.jpgBAE HawkUnited KingdomAdvanced Trainer (AJT)Hawk 13239[12]Received first 24 aircraft directly from BAE Systems.[13] In addition, 42 aircraft are to be locally assembled by HAL.[14] An additional 40 aircraft would be inducted into IAF and 17 into the Navy.[15] Total 106 aircrafts to be inducted.
Total Trainers Aircraft
Transport aircraft[1]
Embraer EMB 135BrazilVIP transportECJ-135 Legacy5
RAAF BBJ 3.jpgBoeing Business JetUnited StatesVIP transport737-8003
Wiki dornierdo228 lgw1.jpgDornier Do 228Germany
very Light TransportDo 228-20140
C-GBFA First Air HS748 (A748).JPGHawker Siddeley HS 748United KingdomLight TransportHS 748-10064
An32roh.JPGAntonov An-32 ClineSoviet UnionMedium TransportAn-3294
IL-78 Lajes.jpgIlyushin Il-76 CandidSoviet UnionHeavy TransportIl-7617
Total Transport Aircraft
Beriev A-50PhalconRussia
AEW&CPhalcon2The expected delivery date for the third and final aircraft is December 2010.[16]
Total number of AWACS
Air Tanker Aircraft
Il-78MKI.jpegIlyushin Il-78 MKIRussia
Total number of Air Tanker Aircraft
Indian air force dhruv helicopter j4042 arp.jpgHAL Dhruv IndiaUtility helicopterDhruv36
IndiaAttack helicopterHAL Light Combat Helicopter65 on order
Cheetah produced by HAL.jpgAérospatiale SA 315B LamaFranceUtility helicopterSA 315B Cheetah/Cheetal28
Mi-26T.jpgMil Mi-26 HaloSoviet UnionTransport helicopterMi-264
IAF Mi-8.JPEGMil Mi-8Soviet UnionTransport helicopterMi-882
Mi-35 Hind Akbar.jpgMil Mi-35 Hind-ESoviet UnionAttack helicopterMi-3520
Chetak(070407-N-4953E-002).jpgAérospatiale SA 316B Alouette IIIFranceUtility-92
Total number of Helicopters
Unmanned Air Vehicles
Lakshya PTA.JPGLakshya PTA IndiaPilotless Target Aircraft (PTA)~1023 were orderd by India to be operated by the IAF, Indian army and Indian Navy.
Paris Air Show 2007-06-24 n25.jpgIAI HarpyIsraelFire & Forget Radar Emitter Destroyer?A UAV explosive which attacks enemy radars, but also destroys its self.
Salon du Bourget 20090619 075.jpgIAI HeronIsraelHeron I/IIStrategic Multi-Role UAV~25India orderd 50 to be deployed by the IAF and Indian Navy.
IAI-Searcher2.jpgIAI SearcherIsraelSearcher II100+
Total Unmanned Air Vehicles
Total Aircraft
1,321 aircraft and 135+ UAVs

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