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L-3 gets potential $250 mln U.S. drone deal

WASHINGTON, Sept 11 (Reuters) - L-3 Communications Holdings Inc (LLL.N) has won a U.S. Special Operations Command contract for remotely piloted aircraft support potentially worth up to $250 million, the Defense Department said on Friday. The one-year contract includes options for four one-year periods for the so-called Expeditionary Unmanned Aircraft System to back the command's fixed-wing aircraft, the Pentagon's daily contract digest said.
It said the contract was awarded through full and open competition. The unmanned aircraft is provided by L-3's Geneva Aerospace unit of Carrollton, Texas.
(Reporting by Jim Wolf; Editing by Richard Chang)

Allen-Vanguard executes binding agreement with affiliate of Versa Capital Management to go private

<< - Allen-Vanguard to continue as going concern with stable capital structure, significantly strengthened liquidity and financial position and no interruption of operations or supplier relationships
- Transaction will result in revised multi-year credit agreement and retirement of a portion of Allen-Vanguard's senior debt
- Allen-Vanguard's senior lenders will make new revolving credit and documentary credit facilities available to it >>

OTTAWA, Sept. 12 /2009, CNW Telbec/ - Allen-Vanguard Corporation (TSX: VRS - News; "Allen-Vanguard" or the "Company") of Ottawa, Canada, Versa Capital Management, Inc., a Philadelphia-based private equity investment firm, and the Company's senior lenders (the "Lenders") today announced the execution of an agreement pursuant to which Allen-Vanguard will become a 100%-owned affiliate of investment partnerships managed by Versa Capital Management, Inc. (collectively, "Versa").
Versa will provide both equity and debt capital to Allen-Vanguard. This will permit the restructuring and reduction of Allen-Vanguard's existing senior secured credit facilities and their replacement with a multi-year credit agreement and afford the Company significant flexibility to pursue its business plan. Certain of the Lenders will make available a new revolving credit facility and documentary credit facility to Allen-Vanguard.
The transaction agreement provides that the Company's obligations to trade creditors shall be unaffected and will continue to be paid or satisfied in the ordinary course. Similarly obligations to employees also will be unaffected. All shares, options, restricted stock, warrants and other securities in Allen-Vanguard and any related rights will be cancelled on closing of the transaction, with no consideration paid to holders. Closing of this transaction is subject to closing conditions customary for a transaction of this nature, including any required regulatory or court approvals.
"This announcement marks the end of an exacting, year-long process of recapitalizing the Company in order to execute our business plan going forward," said David E. Luxton, President and CEO of Allen-Vanguard. "This process took place during a period of extremely difficult credit and equity markets, and a concurrent decline in the Company's financial performance. While we received several overtures during this past year, Versa was the only party able to conclude definitive terms. Under Versa's ownership, Allen-Vanguard will continue to conduct its business in the ordinary course, with management and the new board focused on global business opportunities. This follows the progress that we have made over the last year to right-size the Company, to expand and diversify the Company's proprietary products and services, and to serve major customers around the world, who continue to rely on the Company's leading and proprietary technologies."
"We are very pleased to have come to an agreement with Allen-Vanguard and its Lenders. Allen-Vanguard possesses the world's leading technologies in the counter-terrorism market and we are, ourselves, deeply committed to the provision of these mission-critical technologies," said Gregory L. Segall, Managing Partner of Versa Capital Management, Inc. "This recapitalization is a substantial accomplishment for Allen-Vanguard, and we look forward to working with members of the management team as they return their full focus to executing their business plan in concert with key partners, customers and other stakeholders."
There are no plans to move the Company's head office from Ottawa, Ontario or its operations in Canada, the United States or the United Kingdom.
Forward-looking statements
This press release may contain forward-looking statements, which reflect Allen-Vanguard's or Versa's current expectations regarding future events, its strategy, expected performance and condition. Forward-looking statements include statements that are predictive in nature, that depend upon or refer to future events or conditions, or that include words such as "expects," "anticipates," "plans," "believes," "estimates" or negative versions thereof and similar expressions. In addition, any statement that may be made concerning future performance, strategies or prospects, and possible future investments, acquisitions or dispositions, is also a forward-looking statement. Forward-looking statements are based on current expectations and projections about future events and are inherently subject to, among other things, risks, uncertainties and assumptions about the Company and economic factors. Forward-looking statements are not promises or guarantees of future performance, and actual events and results could differ materially from those expressed or implied in any forward-looking statements made about the Company. Any number of important factors could contribute to these digressions, including, but not limited to, general economic, political and market factors in North America and internationally, interest and foreign exchange rates, global equity and capital markets, business competition, technological change, changes in government regulations, unexpected judicial or regulatory proceedings, and catastrophic events. We stress that the above-mentioned list of important factors is not exhaustive. We encourage you to consider these and other factors carefully before making any investment decision and we urge you to avoid placing undue reliance on forward-looking statements. Further, you should be aware that the Company disclaims any obligation to publicly update or revise any such forward-looking statements whether as a result of new information, future events or otherwise, prior to the release of the next Management Discussion and Analysis to be released by the Company or except as required by law.
About Versa Capital Management
Versa Capital Management, Inc. is a private equity investment firm with over $900 million of committed capital focused on control investments in special situations involving middle market companies in a wide variety of industries throughout North America. More information can be found at
About Allen-Vanguard
Allen-Vanguard Corporation supports the mission of military and homeland security forces around the world with leading proprietary solutions for protection and counter-measures against hazardous devices of all kinds, whether chemical, biological, radiological or explosive ("CBRNE"), including improvised explosive devices (IEDs) and remotely controlled IEDs ("RCIED"s). Allen-Vanguard equipment is in service in more than 120 countries. Products include Electronic Counter-Measures ("ECM") equipment for jamming remote detonation of terrorist devices, specialty security equipment for Explosive Ordnance Disposal ("EOD"), remote intervention robots for hazardous applications, and personal protective wear for use in dealing with explosive and bio-chemical agents. Allen-Vanguard is the developer and/or sole, worldwide licensee of proprietary technologies such as the Med-Eng bomb suit, the Defender(TM) and Vanguard(TM) Mk2 bomb disposal robots, and the Universal Containment System and CASCAD Foam system for blast mitigation and decontamination of bio-chemical warfare agents. Professional services encompass counter-IED intelligence, training and advisory services, including the Triton(TM) Report on terrorist incidents around the world. The Company operates globally through its wholly-owned subsidiaries under the names "Allen-Vanguard", "Med-Eng" and "Hazard Management Solutions". Head office operations are located in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada, with manufacturing operations in Pembroke, Ontario; Ogdensburg, New York; and Tewkesbury, U.K. The Company has professional services operations in Shrivenham, UK, Canada and in the U.S. in Arlington, Virginia, plus sales offices in Canada, the U.S., the U.K. and Asia. Allen-Vanguard's shares are listed on The Toronto Stock Exchange (TSX) under the symbol "VRS". To find out more about Allen-Vanguard Corporation (TSX: VRS - News), visit our website at
For further information
on Versa Capital Management: Kristy Lash, Gregory/FCA, (610) 642-8253 x 144

For further information on Allen-Vanguard: Robin Sundstrom, (647) 822-8111,

FedSources Unveils Transparent View into Multi-Billion Dollar Government Market

New FedSources IntelliSearch™ Business Intelligence Portal Gives Users Comprehensive Information on Federal and State Business Opportunities
MCLEAN, Va.-September 11, 2009, -(BUSINESS WIRE)--FedSources, a Washington Management Group company and the nation’s premier provider of government market intelligence, today unveiled the FedSources IntelliSearch™ business intelligence portal. Through new features and enhanced search capabilities, FedSources IntelliSearch provides clients with direct, transparent access to actionable information they can use to build their government pipeline and land new government deals.
FedSources IntelliSearch is a critical tool for companies that want to sell services and products to the government. FedSources IntelliSearch provides a single, consolidated view of a wealth of government contract information relating specifically to a client’s service and product offerings.
With the highly targeted information provided through FedSources IntelliSearch, customers can:
~ Build a government-specific business development plan
~ Identify perfect-fit government contracts
~ Build a sales pipeline (complete with contact names, numbers, and e-mail addresses)
~ Perform competitive and partner analysis
Coupled with unlimited on demand research FedSources IntelliSearch gives users the edge to grow their customer business.
“FedSources IntelliSearch is comprehensive. It provides a complete picture of the government market,” says Bill Gormley, president and CEO of FedSources. “It gives you all the information you’re looking for, as well as information you didn’t even know you needed.”
Progressive Search
FedSources IntelliSearch draws its information from FedSources research and expert analysis of Federal and State Opportunities, Agency and State Profiles, contact information for thousands of Federal and State contracting officials, and in-depth information on any company that already does business with the government – including partners and competitors.
When a customer enters a search term, FedSources IntelliSearch provides a complete picture of the environment surrounding that search, as well as additional related information within the context of the search. For example, if a client enters the word “security”, FedSources IntelliSearch will return a broad range of results from security-based contract opportunities to security companies already doing business with the government to security-project contracting officers and their contact information.
“There is so much information out there on government contracts. The value FedSources provides is the ability to find the opportunities that are relevant to you,” Gormley says. “With the new capabilities within FedSources IntelliSearch, we’re taking that value and adding a level of depth and connectivity that has never been available to industry and government before.”
Gormley adds: “I wish I had this resource available to me when I was with GSA as a contracting officer and manager for acquisition planning purposes.”
For more than 25 years, FedSources has been helping customers identify and win government contracts. FedSources clients have complete access to FedSources IntelliSearch at no extra charge. FedSources also offers clients a range of additional services to help identify and win government business, including Customized Consulting and Market-Leading Events.
To find out how to become a FedSources client, call 703-610-8700 or visit and visit the “Free Trial Offer”.
About FedSources
FedSources, a Washington Management Group Company, is the nation’s premier provider of government market intelligence. Since 1984, the company has been providing information and insight to industry and government decision makers via market intelligence services, customized consulting and informational events. These programs, underscored by a hands-on approach to client support, enable companies and government agencies to make informed decisions to win more public sector business. FedSources is headquartered in McLean, VA. For more information visit:
ENC Marketing & Communications

Caryn Fox,
703-288-1620 x-104

French SIA Integrates GIS Into Aeronautical System

Automation, Quality Assurance, and Workflow Management Create Efficient and Accurate Data Production
REDLANDS, Calif., Sept. 11 /PRNewswire/ -- The French Service de l'Information Aeronautique (SIA), headquartered in the Bordeaux-Merignac Airport in the town of Merignac, France, has awarded a contract for an aeronautical information management (AIM) system based on ESRI's geographic information system (GIS) software. The contract was awarded to ESRI France, and French aeronautical technology companies Thales and CGx AERO in SYS (CGx), an ESRI business partner. The new system, Nouvel Outil de Production de l'Information Aeronautique (NOPIA), will provide an integrated solution to manage aeronautical data and create charts, including the national Aeronautical Information Publication (AIP) detailing regulations and procedures for aircraft in France.
The French SIA is the national aeronautical service provider responsible for regulating and managing air navigation in France, including international travel that begins or ends in the country. The organization provides many resources such as the preparation and sale of flight charts, for example, radio navigation charts at a scale of 1:1,000,000 and regional charts at a scale of 1:250,000.
NOPIA will allow French SIA operators to better manage and efficiently deliver information for flight navigation in French airspace. The system meets the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) standards for data integrity, consistency, and availability and is fully interoperable with the European Aeronautical Database (EAD), a centralized reference database of quality-assured aeronautical information for airspace users.
ESRI's ArcGIS and Production Line Tool Set (PLTS) for ArcGIS - Aeronautical Solution will provide NOPIA with the ability to store and edit its aeronautical information and produce high-quality charts. Another ESRI ArcGIS extension, Job Tracking for ArcGIS (JTX), will improve the efficiency of the project by defining, organizing, and standardizing the individual tasks within the workflow. NOPIA also incorporates components from ESRI business partners Safe Software Inc. and CGx.
Canadian firm Safe Software will provide FME for Geographical ETL, a tool for extracting, transforming, and loading (ETL) geographic and spatial data, to assist with data interoperability. CGx will implement its AI-Sky Data framework, an add-on for ArcGIS, to help with the integration of aeronautical and geographic data. Both Thales and CGx will assist the French SIA with migrating chart production to the new system as well as migrating data needed into World Geodetic System (WGS) 84, commonly used to accurately represent the earth in aeronautical charts.
Civil and military organizations use ESRI GIS software to create and maintain digital aeronautical datasets and produce high-quality, database-driven charts that meet their unique specifications. GIS can help these agencies maintain, control, and disseminate data that meets their rigorous requirements. Visit for more information.
About ESRI
Since 1969, ESRI has been giving customers around the world the power to think and plan geographically. The market leader in GIS, ESRI software is used in more than 300,000 organizations worldwide including each of the 200 largest cities in the United States, most national governments, more than two-thirds of Fortune 500 companies, and more than 7,000 colleges and universities. ESRI applications, running on more than one million desktops and thousands of Web and enterprise servers, provide the backbone for the world's mapping and spatial analysis. ESRI is the only vendor that provides complete technical solutions for desktop, mobile, server, and Internet platforms. Visit us at
ESRI, the ESRI globe logo, GIS by ESRI, ArcGIS, PLTS, JTX,, and are trademarks, registered trademarks, or service marks of ESRI in the United States, the European Community, or certain other jurisdictions. Other companies and products mentioned herein may be trademarks or registered trademarks of their respective trademark owners.
Press Information
Contact: Karen Richardson, ESRI
Tel.: 909-793-2853, extension 1-3491

Precision Castparts Corp. Presents Business Update At JPMorgan Diversified Industries Conference 2009

Precision Castparts Corp. ~ PORTLAND, Ore., Sept. 11, 2009 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Mark Donegan, chairman and chief executive officer of Precision Castparts Corp. (NYSE:PCP - News), will present an overview of business operations at the JP Morgan Diversified Industries Conference 2009 in New York on Tuesday, September 15, at 9:00am ET.
This presentation includes some information not previously released in a public forum. JP Morgan is making the audio webcast available on the Internet through the following link:
A link to the webcast will also be posted on PCC's website at:
Precision Castparts Corp. is a worldwide, diversified manufacturer of complex metal components and products. It serves the aerospace, power generation, and general industrial markets. PCC is the market leader in manufacturing large, complex structural investment castings, airfoil castings, and forged components used in jet aircraft engines and industrial gas turbines. The Company is also a leading producer of highly engineered, critical fasteners for aerospace, and other general industrial markets and supplies metal alloys and other materials to the casting and forging industries.
Information included within this press release describing projected growth and future results and events constitutes forward-looking statements, within the meaning of the Private Securities Litigation Reform Act of 1995. Actual results in future periods may differ materially from the forward-looking statements because of a number of risks and uncertainties, including but not limited to fluctuations in the aerospace, power generation, and general industrial cycles; the relative success of the Company's entry into new markets; competitive pricing; the financial viability of the Company's significant customers; the impact on the Company of customer labor disputes; demand, timing and market acceptance of new commercial and military programs; the availability and cost of energy, materials, supplies, and insurance; and the cost of pension benefits and post-retirement medical benefits; equipment failures; relations with the Company's employees; the Company's ability to manage its operating costs and to integrate acquired businesses in an effective manner; governmental regulations and environmental matters; risks associated with international operations and world economies; the relative stability of certain foreign currencies; the impact of adverse weather or natural disasters; the availability and cost of financing; and implementation of new technologies and process improvement. Any forward-looking statements should be considered in light of these factors. The Company undertakes no obligation to publicly release any forward-looking information to reflect anticipated or unanticipated events or circumstances after the date of this document.
Precision Castparts Corp.'s press releases are available on the Internet at GlobeNewswire's website -- or PCC's home page at
Precision Castparts Corp.

Dwight Weber
(503) 946-4855

One of the World's Largest Maritime Exercises Kicks Off in Panama

U.S. Southern Command ~ September 11, 2009, PANAMA CITY, Sept. 11 /PRNewswire/ -- More than 4,500 personnel from 20 countries began a 12-day exercise here Friday to train in a joint, multinational effort to ensure the security of the Panama Canal.
U.S. and Panamanian officials held a formal opening ceremony Friday for Fuerzas Aliadas (Allied Forces) PANAMAX 2009, co-sponsored by U.S. Southern Command and the Government of Panama, in Panama City, Panama.
Representatives of the 20 participating nations joined Jose Raul Mulino, Panama's Minister of Government and Justice, and U.S. Army National Guard Brig. Gen. Gerald W. Ketchum, Director of Stability for U.S. Southern Command, at the ceremony.
FA PANAMAX 2009 is one of the largest multinational training exercises in the world, and is taking place in the waters off the coasts of Panama from Sept. 11-22 with the participation of civil and military forces.
More than 20 vessels and a dozen aircraft are involved in the exercises. Participants are focusing on a variety of responses to any request from the Government of Panama to protect and guarantee safe passage of traffic through the Panama Canal, ensure its neutrality, and respect national sovereignty. Simulated ground forces are also participating at Fort Sam Houston in San Antonio, Texas.
"This year's exercise will continue the tradition of strengthening partnerships and building real operational capability," said Ketchum. "It is important to all participants, that this unique engine of regional and world economic activity remain safe, secure and prosperous.
"In 2009, we will collectively exercise maritime interdiction, security operations, humanitarian assistance and disaster relief," Ketchum added.
Minister Mulino also emphasized the importance of creating the legal, institutional and operational framework necessary to ensure the safeguarding of the Panama Canal.
The multinational forces protecting the canal approaches will be organized under Multi-National Force-South and commanded by U.S. Army Maj. Gen. Keith M. Huber, commander of U.S. Army South.
The FA PANAMAX 2009 exercise scenario includes sea-based training devoted to maritime interdiction operations, including visit, boarding, search and seizure. Virtual land-based training in San Antonio, Texas, will focus on command and control, stability operations, humanitarian assistance and disaster-relief operations.
FA PANAMAX 2009 participating nations include: Argentina, Belize, Brazil, Canada, Chile, Colombia, Costa Rica, Dominican Republic, Ecuador, El Salvador, Guatemala, Netherlands, Nicaragua, Panama, Paraguay, Peru, United States and Uruguay. France and Mexico are scheduled to participate as observers. The Conference of Central American Armies, the Organization of American States and the United Nations will also participate.
Honduras withdrew from the exercise Aug. 10.
PANAMAX began in 2003 with three countries: Panama, Chile and the United States. Exercise participation has greatly expanded every year since. In 2004, nine nations took part; in 2005, 15 nations were involved; in 2006, 18 nations participated; in 2007, 19 nations took part and last year 20 nations were a part of PANAMAX 2008.

Home Automation Inc. (HAI) Adds Luxul Wireless as Connectivity Partner

Luxul Pro-WAV(TM) Solutions Enhance Performance of OmniTouch Portable Touchscreen and Other Wireless Devices Inside an HAI Automated Home
LINDON, UT--(Marketwire - 09/11/09) - Luxul Wireless, a leading innovator of patented high-performance wireless signal technologies, has been named a Home Automation, Inc. (HAI) Connectivity Partner. HAI is a leading manufacturer of integrated security and home automation products. The Connectivity Partnership introduces Luxul Pro-WAV� wireless enhancement solutions as compatible for use with HAI devices. Pro-WAV products are designed to efficiently extend the coverage area and improve network performance in large homes -- enabling a single access point to provide "whole-home" Wi-Fi coverage.
"The Connectivity Partnership between Luxul Wireless and HAI helps deliver significant advantages in terms of the range and connectivity of mobile devices on a wireless network," explains HAI Director of Technical Services, Scott Dudoussat. "With Pro-WAV, a single access point can now provide seamless wireless coverage in situations that previously required 3 or 4 access points."
Using high-performance Pro-WAV solutions, HAI dealers and integrators can now easily extend the wireless network by up to 400%. This allows for whole-home Wi-Fi coverage using a single wireless access point (WAP) in installations where multiple WAPs have traditionally been required. With Pro-WAV, a single WAP can provide network access for the entire home, garage, outbuildings, and even the yard -- delivering considerable savings in equipment and installation time, while enabling HAI wireless devices to roam seamlessly throughout the entire home. Pro-WAV products are ideal for use with HAI's OmniTouch 10p Portable Touchscreen, Philips Pronto remote controls, and other mobile devices running Snap-Link, Snap-Link Mobile, and WL3.
Designed for ease of implementation, Pro-WAV products include everything necessary to deliver whole-home Wi-Fi coverage. Pro-WAV kits and systems implement patented signal booster and advanced circular polarization antenna technologies -- providing increased signal penetration, range and clarity that outperforms traditional signal technologies.
"Pro-WAV delivers a nice complement to the HAI line of wireless network devices," said Jeffrey Curtis, president of Luxul Wireless. "Our mutual customers will be well served by the Connectivity Partnership. We're excited to be working with HAI to integrate Luxul technologies."
HAI products are available through a worldwide network of distributors and installing dealers in over 80 countries. For more information, please visit or

Clark Roundy
Luxul Wireless
Email Contact
Greg Rhoades
Home Automation, Inc. (HAI)
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WTO says Airbus subsidies hurt Boeing -US lawmaker

* Damage amount not yet assessed, U.S. senator says
* Ruling could influence decision on Pentagon contract

By Doug Palmer
WASHINGTON, Sept 11 (Reuters) - A World Trade Organization panel has found that European subsidies for Airbus (EAD.PA) injured its U.S. rival Boeing (BA.N), a U.S. senator said on Friday in remarks that clashed with a colleague's description of the ruling.
The high-stakes decision, not expected to be announced publicly for months, could influence whether Airbus parent EADS and its U.S. partner Northrop Grumman Corp (NOC.N) win a multibillion-dollar contract to build a tanker refueling fleet for the U.S. Air Force.
"They didn't assess a damage amount, as of yet. But they said there was a violation of the rules and there was harm that happened to Boeing because of this ... aid that was illegal," Senator Sam Brownback of Kansas told Reuters on Friday.
A damage estimate usually comes in later stages of WTO litigation and provides the basis for countries to impose retaliation if an offending practice is not reformed.
Brownback, whose state is home to Boeing military production, was responding to a letter sent by Senator Richard Shelby on Thursday to U.S. Trade Representative Ron Kirk. [ID:nN10405436]
Shelby said the WTO had ruled that a "launch aid" loan mechanism used by European governments to help Airbus develop aircraft was legal under global trade rules and that Boeing "was not materially injured by action taken by Airbus."
He strongly criticized lawmakers like Brownback who say the WTO ruling is grounds for the Pentagon to decide against buying planes built by Airbus for a new fleet of mid-air refueling tankers.
But on that point, Brownback said he had no intention of backing down.
"Having watched Airbus illegally take market share from Boeing for years in the commercial field, I'm not about to stand by while they take U.S. military contracts with a subsidized aircraft," Brownback said.
Brownback said he expected the Defense Department to put out its request for proposals for the tanker program in the next month or two.
Shelby is from Alabama, where a tanker based on a modified Airbus A-330 would be assembled if Northrop and EADS win the projected $35 billion contract.
Kirk's office declined to comment on last week's decision but acknowledged receiving Shelby's letter.
"The most important thing right now is that the WTO completes its work on this issue," USTR spokeswoman Debbie Mesloh said.
U.S. private sector sources said the WTO found many launch aid loans Airbus got from European governments were on non-commercial terms, making them a subsidy under WTO rules.
European Union private-sector sources put the ruling in a more favorable light and insisted it will not affect European government plans to provide billions in launch aid to support Airbus' latest project, the A350 wide-body jet. (Reporting by Doug Palmer; Editing by Xavier Briand)