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DTN News - ASIAN DEFENSE NEWS: Singapore Defense News ~ Singapore And US Military Cooperate For M-Learning

Defense News: DTN News - ASIAN DEFENSE NEWS: Singapore Defense News ~ Singapore And US Military Cooperate For M-Learning
(NSI News Source Info) TORONTO, Canada -
April 4, 2011: Singapore’s Ministry of Defense and the US Joint Forces Command (USJFCOM) have teamed up to make medical-related training content available
on mobile devices under an Office of the Secretary of Defense Coalition Warefare Programme (CWP) on mobile learning.

Under the CWP project, the effectiveness of distributing critical medical training content using cellular infrastructures in more than 20 nations will be evaluated and according to the plan, allow medical responders from multiple nations to access needed information from the site of a natural disaster.

Scott Shephard, Chief of the Joint Training Directorate, USJFCOM, said that this project has the potential to help improve US medical efficiencies as well as benefit medical personnel from other nations. “Singapore’s participation is key as they bring a high level of mobile learning expertise to the table,” he added.

Said Raja Gopal, Singapore’s Foreign Liaison Officer stationed atUSJFCOM: “We are confident of the mutual benefits. Engagement with participants from other nations can only make the project and its solutions better.”

Shephard also said that mobile learning has the potential to deliver just-in-time training directly to the point of need and it could benefit any crisis responder required to perform medical duties or to assess the medical situation.

The CWP project officially kicked off in February 2011 with a three-day workshop in London where participants focused on finalising their roles and identifying goals to be accomplished in the next phase, a proof-of-concept, to be held in early 2012.

This proof-of-concept demonstration will focus on a humanitarian assistance/disaster relief scenario with a large number of injuries and casualties.

In the scenario, as in real-life, personnel sent to assist will come from different backgrounds, will have different skills and will speak different languages. We will be testing how well medical-related mobile learning works in that environment,” said Shephard.

Mobile learning and medical mobile learning aren’t new. What’s new is sharing common mobile content among medical responders using multiple languages and formats.”

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