Monday, April 4, 2011

DTN News - Asian Defense News: Singapore News ~ Fury Over Driver Who Parks At Handicapped Lot

Defense News: DTN News - Asian Defense News: Singapore News ~ Fury Over Driver Who Parks At Handicapped Lot
(NSI News Source Info) SINGAPORE - April 4, 2011:
A white BMW that is regularly parked at a lot reserved for the disabled has raised the ire of civic-mindedSingaporeans.

The car, which is missing a handicapped label, usually hogs the only available parking spacereserved for the handicapped at a carpark in Bukit Purmei HDB estate.

The driver's inconsiderate behaviour has enraged a resident so much so he alerted the district's Member of Parliament Sam Tan, reported The Sunday Times(ST).

The latter then informed the Housing & Development Board (HDB).

The driver of the BMW with licence plate numberER 61U has been identified as 34-year-old Yew CheeHeng, owner of Rich Harvest Florist & Trading. His shop is located near the carpark in question.

The HDB told the paper it is aware of the case "where an inconsiderate driver repeatedly parked his car in the reserved space for disabled drivers".

The authority has been taking enforcement action, a spokesman said.

"For recalcitrant motorists such as this case, we will intensify our enforcement action against the offender and mete out stiffer penalties," a spokeswoman said.

A check on the HDB website revealed, between 16 March to 1 April, Yew chalked up seven parking summonses, all unpaid, each with a fine of $50.

Yew declined to be interviewed when contacted by the same paper.

President of the Handicaps Welfare Association Nancy Chia said such illegal parking is "a big problem."

"If the non-disabled cannot support the disabled, then where else can we get support from?"

*Source: By Alicia Wong | SingaporeScene

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