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DTN News - JAPAN DEFENSE NEWS: Japan Ready For North Korea Missile Launch

Defense News: DTN News - JAPAN DEFENSE NEWS: Japan Ready For North Korea Missile Launch
*Japan deploys interceptor missiles amid fears projectile to be launched later this month may veer into its airspace
Source: DTN News - - This article compiled by Roger Smith from reliable sources Al Jazeera
(NSI News Source Info) TORONTO, Canada - April 5, 2012: Japan has completed the deployment of a land-based system of interceptor missiles in preparation for a planned North Korean rocket launch later this month.
The exercise was finalised in Okinawa on Thursday, days after a similar deployment was completed on Monday in Naha, the capital of the Okinawa prefecture.

The interceptors would be ready to shoot down any parts of the rocket that veer into Japan's airspace.

Kunisaki, a transport ship of the Maritime Defence Force, carried the Patriot Advanced Capability-3 (PAC-3) missile interceptors to the port in Ishigaki island to be installed facing towards the controversial rocket's planned route.

With the PAC-3's arrival in Ishigaki, the island closest to the area of the rocket's trajectory, interceptors are now positioned in four locations in Okinawa, including the military bases in Naha, Miyako and Chinen.

Mobile missile launchers, in addition to the ones in Okinawa, will be positioned in the Tokyo metropolitan area in the next few days.

Birthday celebration
North Korea's "Unha-3" rocket is expected to fly over western Japan, including part of Okinawa, after it is launched from a pad on North Korea's west coast between April 12-16.

The North says the launch is for putting a satellite into orbit in honour of the 100th birthday of the country's late founder, Kim Il Sung.

It has raised concerns that a failed launch, or a failing stage of the rocket, could endanger Japanese lives or property.

In addition to the PAC-3s, anti-missile equipped destroyers will be deployed to the Pacific and East China Sea.

Tokyo took the same measures in 2009 over an earlier North Korea missile launch.

They deployed warships with anti-missile systems, positioned patriot missile interceptors and established a system to warn residents when the rocket was approaching.

Japan's intentions were not to shoot down the rocket but to have self-defence forces on standby to intercept any fragments of a missile should the launch fail.

Japan, the US and other countries claim the North is seeking to test the capabilities of its long-range missiles, in violation of international agreements.

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