Tuesday, August 3, 2010

DTN News: U. S. Government Has $114 Billion To Spend On Contractors Before September 30

Defense News: DTN News: U. S. Government Has $114 Billion To Spend On Contractors Before September 30
* New Report Reveals Which Agencies Have “Obligated” Funds to Spend before the End of the Government Fiscal Year, and How Much Must Be Spent
Source: DTN News / FedSources
(NSI News Source Info) MCLEAN, Va. - August 3, 2010: FedSources, a Washington Management Group company and the recognized leader in government market intelligence, today released a new report that maps out predicted government spending between now and September 30, 2010 – the end of the government fiscal year.
FedSources' “Identifying & Capturing Fiscal Year-end Dollars” report identifies which agencies have the most to spend, and which services and product areas are likely to get the most buying attention from these agencies.
For example, the U.S. Army still has $40 billion to spend. And, most of the overall spending in the fourth quarter is likely to be on commodity items.
“End-of-year spending is highly commodity oriented,” said Ray Bjorklund, FedSources Senior Vice President and Chief Knowledge Officer, and author of the report. “If you’re selling to the government in Q4, it’s usually a commodity play.”
The report also provides an overview of government spending cycles to help contractors more effectively target their offerings according to when the government is most likely to buy their particular services or products.
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