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DTN News - TAIWAN DEFENSE NEWS: Taiwan To Receive First AH-64D Apache Attack Helicopter In 2012

Defense News: DTN News - TAIWAN DEFENSE NEWS: Taiwan To Receive First AH-64D Apache Attack Helicopter In 2012
**US Urged To Repair Military Ties, Stop Selling Weapons To Taiwan ~ China suspended high-level military contact with the US in October in protest against Pentagon's $6.5-billion arms sales to Taiwan, which included 30 Apache attack helicopters and 330 Patriot missiles.- DTN News
**The Chinese government has announced to an unusually broad series of retaliatory measures in response to United States arms sales to Taiwan, including sanctions against American companies that supply the weapon systems for the arms sales. (It is Chinese foreign policy norm to issue a statement of Retaliatory measures to country supplying military hardware to Taiwan, as China asserts its sovereignty over the Island of Formosa.) -NY Times
(NSI News Source Info) TORONTO, Canada - June 13, 2011:
Reported By Aviation Week dated June 10, 2011 - Taiwan to receive the first AH-64D Apache attack helicopter in 2012 and China tends to react badly whenever news emerges on Taiwan improving its military potential, so it will be interesting to see how Beijing reacts to the news the first of 30 Apache AH-64D Block III are due for delivery next year.

Taiwan is the first export customer for the Block III. The system will be almost identical to the U.S. Army system, with some national modifications, says U.S. Army project manager Col. Shane Openshaw.

The Congressional notification of the potential deal went to the U.S. Congress in 2008, so it is not a total surprise Taiwan will get the attack helicopter. But until today, there has been scant word since then that the deal has gone forward.

Taiwan may also be arming the helicopter with Stinger air-to-air missiles, which the U.S. Army does not use on its Apaches. Taiwan also will receive radar-guided Hellfire missiles.

Long-lead items are already ordered and the build process should start around October.

The U.S. Army is due to receive the first of 690 Block IIIs in November.

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