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DTN News - CHINA DEFENSE NEWS: Chinese Naval Drills Irrelevant To South China Sea Situation ~ Says Defense Ministry

Defense News: DTN News - CHINA DEFENSE NEWS: Chinese Naval Drills Irrelevant To South China Sea Situation ~ Says Defense Ministry
(NSI News Source Info) TORONTO, Canada / BEIJING, China - June 30, 2011: The recent military drills by the Chinese navy are routine arrangements made in accordance with the navy's annual plan and irrelevant to the South China Sea situation, said a Defense Ministry spokesman Wednesday.

Spokesman Yang Yujun made the comment in response to a question on the intention of the navy's military drills at a monthly press conference.

The navy's South Sea Fleet has staged six military exercises in June, including a military drill in waters near China's southern tropical island of Hainan.

Some media reports have speculated excessively over these routine exercises, Yang said.

"China hopes all parties concerned will treat the Chinese navy's normal exercises in an objective and rational way," he added.

Responding to a question on the U.S.- Philippines joint naval exercise, Yang said China always believes that any bilateral defense cooperation should not be directed against any third party or damage the interest of a third party.

He said China expects all relevant countries to make the peace and stability of the region a priority and do more to contribute toward it.

In response to a question on a U.S. senate resolution concerning the South China Sea issue, which mentions "freedom of navigation rights," Yang said freedom of navigation in the South China Sea has never been affected by the disputes, and there has never been such a problem.

Chinese Navy - Wikipedia

Chinese Navy Frigate 21st Century

Type 054A frigate

In 2005, The Type 054 frigate entered PLAN service (hulls 525 and 526). The Type 054 is considerably stealthier than all previous PLAN frigate designs. The Type 054 Ma'anshan class is armed with an HQ-7 octuple launcher, eight YJ83 anti-ship missiles, a 100 mm main gun, four AK630 CIWS turrets, ASW torpedoes and rocket launchers, carries one Ka-28 Helix or Z-9C, and displaces 3,400 tons. This represents a new generation of frigate design in the PLAN, and a shifting focus on larger multi-role platforms. The air defense missile armament is no better than the Jiangwei II class although this may be upgraded later.

The Type 054 has now been superseded by the Type 054A frigate, which is in series production. The 054A features a number of important improvements over the original 054. The main air defense armament has been upgraded to a 32-cell VLS HQ-16 medium-range SAM system, giving area air defence capability for the first time to PLAN frigates. In addition, the four AK630 CIWS have been replaced by two autonomous Type 730 CIWS. The Type 054A is altogether a well balanced and stealthy frigate design, with considerable firepower and multi-role versatility.


Although the People's Liberation Army Navy classify its surface combatants with displacement less than 1,000 tons as boats, the maximum displacement of its boats in the inventory is only around 500 tons.

[edit]Submarine chasers

[edit]Missile boats

[edit]Torpedo boats


[edit]Patrol boats

  • Harbour security boat (PBI) - 4 newly built 80 ton class harbour security / patrol boats, and more are planned in order to take over the port security / patrol duties currently performed by the obsolete Shantou, Beihai, Huangpu, and Yulin classes gunboats, which are increasingly being converted to inshore surveying boats and range support boats.


ClassYear first of
class entered
Nr. in
Nuclear Ballistic Missile Submarines
Type 094 Jin200923Has 7200+ km range JL-2 SLBM
Type 092 Xia19811Has 2500 km range JL-1A SLBM
Nuclear Attack Submarines
Type 093 Shang20024-62+Has sub-launched YJ-8 AShM
Type 091 Han197441Has sub-launched YJ-8 AShM
Conventional Ballistic Missile Submarines
Modified Project 629 Golf19581Used as SLBM test platform
Conventional Attack Submarines
Type 041 Yuan200514+Air-independent propulsion. Has sub-launched AShM
Type 039/039A/039G Song199913Has sub-launched YJ-8 AShM
Project 636 Kilo II199810Has sub-launched 3M-54 Klub supersonic AShM
Project 877EKM Kilo I19822Has sub-launched 3M-54 Klub supersonic AShM
Type 035 Ming197415
Type 033 Romeo19628
Total Submarines7-9632
Principal Surface Combatants
Aircraft Carriers
Future Chinese carrier20152
Project 1143.5 Kuznetsov19911Ex-Varyag. In refit
Type 051C (Luzhou)20062Has long-range S-300FM VLS SAM
Project 956EM Sovremenny II20052Has medium-range SA-N-12 SAM and Moskit supersonicAShM
Type 052C Luyang II (Lanzhou)200422Has long-range HQ-9 VLS SAM. Most advanced destroyers in Chinese service.
Type 052B Luyang I(Guangzhou)20042Has medium-range SA-N-12 SAM
Type 051B Luhai19981Has short-range HQ-7 SAM
Type 052 Luhu19942Has short-range HQ-7 SAM and Variable Depth Sonar
Project 956 Sovremenny I19802Has medium-range SA-N-12 SAM and Moskit supersonicAShM
Type 051DT Luda IV1999 (upgrade)4Has short-range HQ-7 SAM
Type 051 Luda I19719
Total Destroyers226
Type 054A Jiangkai II200510Has medium-range HQ-16 VLS SAM
Type 054 Jiangkai I (Ma'anshan)20022Has short-range HQ-7 SAM
Type 053H3 Jiangwei II199610Has short-range HQ-7 SAM
Type 053H1G Jianghu V19936
Type 053H2G Jiangwei I19884Has short-range HQ-61 SAM
Type 053H2 Jianghu III19863
Type 053HT-H Jianghu IV19851
Type 053H1 Jianghu II19789
Type 053H Jianghu I197411
Total Frigates56
Total Principal Surface Combatants582
Coastal Warfare Vessels
Missile Boats
Type 022 Houbei200480+Stealth wave-piercing catamaran design
China Cat (C 14)20021Experimental vessel
Type 021 Houdong19941
Type 037-II Houjian19915
Type 037-IG Houxin199124
Type 021 Hola19701
Type 024Heku/Hegu/Houku/Hougu196620+50
Type 021 Huangfeng (Osa-I)196540+60-70
Total Missile Boats172+110-120
Torpedo Boats
Type 025 Huchuan196620100
Gun Boats
Type 062-I Shanghai III19822
Type 062 Shanghai II/I1982150+100
Type 206 Huludao8
Submarine chasers
Type 037-IS Haiqing199220
Type 037-I Haijiu19872
Type 062-I Haizhui198213
Type 037 Hainan196440
Total Coastal Warfare Vessels427+380-390
Amphibious Warfare Vessels
Landing Platforms
Type 071 Yuzhao LPD200811
Landing Ships
Type 072-III Yuting II LST20049
Type 073 IV Yunshu LSM200311
Type 074 Yuhai (Wuhu-A) LSM199513
Type072-II Yuting I LST19939
Type 073 III Yudeng LSM19913
Type 072 Yukan LST19787
Type 079 Yuliang LSM197231
Total Landing Ships83
Landing Craft
Yubei LCU200410
Type 724 LCAC199420-30
Zubr LCAC198840
Type 722-II Jingsha II LCAC198810
Type 271 Yupen LCU1970100
Type 067 Yunnan LCU1968200-300
Type 068/069 Yuch'in LCM196230+
Total Landing Craft4370-480
Total Amphibious Warfare Vessels5454-564
Mine Warfare Vessels
Mine Warfare Ships
Type 081 Wochi minehunter20061
Type 082-II Wozang minehunter20052
Type 918 Wolei minelayer19881
Type 082 Wosao minesweeper1980s9
Type 010 minesweeper19551426
Mine Warfare Drones
Type 312 Futi minesweeper /
minesweeping drone
Total Mine Warfare Vessels3168
Total All Vessels17+~1210-1320450+
Total Combat Vessels17+~683420+

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