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DTN News - THAILAND NEWS: Deadly Attacks Rock Thailand

Defense News: DTN News - THAILAND NEWS: Deadly Attacks Rock Thailand
(NSI News Source Info) TORONTO, Canada / BANGKOK, Thailand - May 7, 2011: SEVEN people were killed and 16 wounded in a string of attacks across Thailand's far south.

Police say the deadly attacks included two roadside bombs detonating within minutes of each other.

Dark days: Thai police officers examine the site of an attack on a local government chief who was shot by suspected separatist militants in Thailand's restive south. Picture: Madaree Tohlala

The first blast hit a military patrol vehicle on a village road in Yala, one of three southern provinces close to the border with Malaysia that have suffered a seven-year insurgency.

"Three soldiers died instantly and two were seriously injured," a local police officer said.

A second device, buried in the car park of a football field in Pattani province, detonated about five minutes later, killing three police officers and wounding 14 others.

"The officers had just arrived there for a football match with local villagers and the bomb exploded as they parked their car," police said.

In a separate attack, four gunmen riding motorbikes shot dead a 45-year-old Muslim man as he drove his car in Narathiwat province.

More than 4,500 people, both Muslims and Buddhists, have died in almost daily attacks since shadowy insurgents launched an uprising in Thailand's southernmost region in early 2004.

The attacks have become more brazen in recent months, including car bombs and attacks on military bases or outposts

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