Saturday, July 24, 2010

DTN News: Tiger Attack Helicopter Gunship Debuts With French Forces In Afghanistan

Defense News: DTN News: Tiger Attack Helicopter Gunship Debuts With French Forces In Afghanistan
Source: Source: DTN News - - this article / report compiled by Roger Smith from reliable sources including IANS July 18th, 2010
(NSI News Source Info) FARNBOROUGH, England- July 24, 2010: Thales has announced that together with the Tiger helicopter gunship, its TopOwl helmet-mounted sight and display system (HMSD) has been deployed with the French forces in Afghanistan to provide high levels of night vision performance and targeting capabilities for pilots.
“The combat-proven Thales TopOwl HMSD has been involved in bringing major operational benefits to helicopter crews,” a Thales statement issued during the ongoing Farnborough Air Show said.
“TopOwl is the only helmet-mounted sight and display system offering both conformal piloting symbology, dark night vision performance and accurate targeting together with an unmatched level of comfort and fatigue reduction - key for war missions and the high levels of stress involved,” the statement added.
TopOwl night vision performance has recently been upgraded to reach “level 5”, which corresponds to levels of visibility equivalent to a cloudy night with no moon, no peripheral light source and no starlight.
“With its exclusive architecture featuring the projection of intensified images directly onto the helmet visor, TopOwl offers a seamless transition between head-up piloting and head-down instrument monitoring, together with a well-balanced centre of gravity, eliminating the pilot fatigue generated by standard night vision goggles,” the statement said.
Yves Joannic, Thales vice president for Helicopter Avionics said: “Thales is constantly working towards improving its products and systems. We integrate essential pilot feedback and build on existing technologies to provide greater levels of performance that will better support our troops in theatre.”
Thales and New Delhi-based Samtel group are also in a joint venture to design, manufacture and sell avionics systems in the Indian market. Samtel and Thales hold 74:26 in the venture that was started with a capital of $12.5 million with more investments to be pumped in as the joint development efforts progress.
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