Wednesday, June 9, 2010

DTN News: UN Approves 'Toughest Ever' Iran Sanctions

Defense News: DTN News: UN Approves 'Toughest Ever' Iran Sanctions
Source: DTN News / ABC News By North America correspondent Kim Landers, staff - June 9, 2010
(NSI News Source Info) UNITED NATIONS, New York - June 10, 2010: The UN Security Council has imposed new sanctions against Iran over its nuclear program.
Council members voted in favour of a fourth round of sanctions, including tighter finance curbs and an expanded arms embargo which will prohibit Iran from buying heavy weapons such as attack helicopters and missiles.Twelve of the 15 UN Security Council members voted for the resolution, with Brazil and Turkey voting against it and Lebanon abstaining. Significantly, both Russia and China backed the sanctions.
The United States says the sanctions are the toughest yet, but Iran's president Mahmoud Ahmadinejad has already quipped that they are "like a used hanky which should be thrown in the dustbin".
The United States says the fresh round of sanctions sends an "unmistakable message" to Iran that it should stop its nuclear program.
US president Barack Obama says he is still open to talks with Iran about its nuclear activities.
He says while he does not expect Iran's behaviour to alter overnight, he hopes the government will eventually change tack.
"This resolution will put in place the toughest sanctions ever faced by the Iranian government and it sends an unmistakable message about the international community's commitment to stopping the spread of nuclear weapons," he said.
Iran's ambassador to the UN, Mohammed Khazaee, has warned the Security Council that his nation will press ahead with what he calls its "right to develop nuclear technology".
"No amount of pressure and mischief will be able to break our nation's determination to pursue and defend its legal and inalienable rights," he said.
The new sanctions include restrictions on Iranian banks, a new cargo inspection regime, and an expansion of the existing arms embargo.
But the 10-page sanctions resolution does not include any crippling economic sanctions, or an oil embargo.
Russia's ambassador Vitaly Churkin expressed hope that Iran could be coaxed back to the negotiating table.
"We expect that Iran will act in a pragmatic and reasonable way and respond positively to the six facilitators' ... openness to dialogue to effectively resolve the Iranian nuclear issue," he said.
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