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DTN News: Israel Aerospace Industries To Present A Variety of Systems For Homeland Security Missions At Security Israel, Opening Today

Defense News: DTN News: Israel Aerospace Industries To Present A Variety of Systems For Homeland Security Missions At Security Israel, Opening Today
Source: DTN News / Israel Aerospace Industries (IAI)
(NSI News Source Info) TEL-AVIV, Israel - June 29, 2010: Israel Aerospace Industries (IAI) is exhibiting a wide variety of products and solutions to address the challenges of homeland security (HLS) at "Security Israel", the 24th international homeland security exhibition, taking place this year at the Tel Aviv Convention Center (June 29th – July 1st). The show will display IAI's proven technological capabilities with systems such as situation rooms and command and control stations, sensors, a real time image intelligence center, observation systems, and more.
This year's exhibition will focus on the topics of Safe City, Homeland Security (HLS),and safety and defense technologies. These topics will include challenges such as preventing violence and urban crime, the fight against terror, city policing, critical assets protection, crisis and large-scale disaster management, periphery defense systems, and more.IAI's extensive experience in projects of national and international scale makes it a key player in the HLS and Safe City markets worldwide. Command and control systems and situation rooms such as the Unified Information Center (UIC), and the Routine and Emergency Management Operational System (REMOS) are in successful operational use in Israel and abroad. These systems allow for the transfer of data in real time, thus ensuring rapid solutions for the effective management of complex events in a dense, dynamic environment.
IAI develops, manufactures, and markets systems that provide total solutions to complete HLS missions. Some of these systems will be exhibited at the show, including:
EL/S 8994, Real Time Intelligence Center, which collects and organizes multi-layered image intelligence, using sensors such electro-optic, infra red and synthetic aperture radar (SAR). After the data has been collected, the system places it on a geographical map, allowing for the targets to be located using advanced technologies and computerized tools. The intelligence reports produced by the system are sent to decision-makers in the field or at headquarters.
Multi-Sensor Intelligence and Surveillance System (MSISS) is used to create a ground battlefield picture using intelligence gathered from a variety of sensors: motion detection radars, day/night ground electro-optic observation systems, aerostats, unmanned aerial vehicles for intelligence, surveillance, and reconnaissance (ISR), and phased array and acoustic sensors. MSISS processes all the data fed into the system and sends intelligence reports to commanders. The reports play a key role in helping to make informed, effective decisions about conducting missions in the relevant arena.
Combo pole (EL/I 3385) static ground observation system is used primarily to protect facilities. The system combines remote control sensors such short and medium range motion detection radar, electro-optic observation systems for night vision, video cameras,and communication systems. Data gathered by those sensors is sent to the command and control station. The system helps locate threats in the field, informs law enforcement officials, and ensures neutralization of the threat.
In the photos:
HLS Scenario illustration as seen on a REMOS screen
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